Year 5/6 Dodgeball

On Wednesday 29th November the school dodgeball teams travelled to Garons Tennis and Leisure Centre with Mr Nash and Miss Fletcher to take part in a multi-school dodgeball event. The day was split into two parts with one team attending the festival in the morning and the other team attending in the afternoon for a competitive tournament. In the morning the festival team had the opportunity to play a number of dodgeball games with a range of different schools. This enabled them to improve their dodgeball skills throughout the morning and all the children attending really enjoyed the occasion. It was great to see so many schools enjoying playing each other and the West Leigh children were a real credit to the school. In the afternoon the tournament team arrived and were prepared for a exciting and tense afternoon of dodgeball matches. Starting off in the group stage, with 2 other schools to play twice. The team got off to a good start with a win in their first game. The teams training was put to the test in the second game, with the fast pace nature of a dodgeball game anything can happen and the team were unfortunate to lose their second game. With a win in the third game, the team put in maximum effort into the last game but once again were unfortunate to lose. The team still remained confident and full of energy as they had qualified as runners up for the super 8s. The competition got significantly harder but West Leigh managed to get a win in their first game, then with one of the most tense and exciting games of dodgeball to watch the team were unfortunate to lose the second game. With the team knowing they needed a win to have any chance of getting a place in the semi-final the team picked themselves up from the defeat and went into their last game focused on what they needed to do, managing to get the win to secure themselves a place in the semi-finals. With yet another very tough game of dodgeball to play the team remained calm, with some great dodging and throwing from all the team, they were just unable to get the win to reach the final. But it wasn’t over yet as there was still the 3rd/4th play off to go. West Leigh would once again face Chalkwell, who they played in the group stage. With Chalkwell wining round one, the team regrouped and managed to win the second round, bring it down to the third and final round to see who would walk away with the bronze medal, everyone on the sideline tensely watched the game unfold with the game changing so fast, time was up and the whistle was blown, with the last round going to Chalkwell, meaning West Leigh finished 4th. The team showed great skill and sportsmanship throughout the day and did incredibly well to finish 4th out of 15 schools who attended.

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