Year 5 Educational Visit to St. Mary’s Church & Priory Park

Year 5 visited St. Mary’s Church and Priory Park as part of their study of the local area. The children had been researching and writing about the origins of Southend and visiting the sites of the original Anglo Saxon settlement and chapel allowed us to further understand the history.

Reverend Paul Mackay welcomed us to the church and we were given a tour. We learned all about the features of the church as well as the history. The children enjoyed the tour and we have to thank Rev. Mackay and his team for the warm welcome.

After the church, we walked on to Priory Park where we found out some more information about the settlement that was once there as well as the Priory itself. We took this opportunity to practise our still life drawing skills by sketching buildings, trees and anything else that caught our eye.

Finally, before we began the walk back to school, the children learned about seed dispersal and went on a seed hunt. Our science lesson outside of the classroom was enjoyed by all and the children were able to see first-hand how different seeds disperse in different ways.

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