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The Portico Academy Trust was established in April 2016 and presently consists of West Leigh Junior School, Porters Grange Primary School and Nursery, Friars Primary School and Nursery, Hamstel Junior School and Hamstel Infant School and Nursery.


The Trust was formed to support and challenge, within a context of partnership, high expectations and professional integrity, schools with primary pupils.  Within a core of commonly held beliefs, we hold that each school in the Trust will retain its individual identity and character.


Portico Academy Trust aims to be at the heart of the local communities it serves. We aim to deliver to local families an excellent education and create new opportunities for our pupils. 

About us


As primary specialists, Portico Academy Trust firmly believes that all our children, no matter their background, deserve the very best education, every day, every lesson, whatever the context. Through close professional collaboration and sharing best practice, initiatives and expertise, we want every child to experience a breadth of opportunity across the diverse cultural background of our country.

We will develop strong leaders and make our schools supportive communities for staff and parents, where mutual respect is paramount. We are passionate in protecting our environment and encourage positive views and actions in the wider world.

We believe it is vital that each child acquires the essential key skills they will need to secure the fundamental building blocks of learning.  In creating an exciting curriculum, expertly delivered, our children will leave us well prepared for their future lives with a love of learning and with an enthusiastic, independent, inquisitive and risk taking mind-set.


  • We want the best learning experience for every child, every day.

  • We recognise that learning is the key to every child’s future.

  • We meet challenges head on and find creative solutions.

  • We treat all members of our school community and our environment with respect.


  • To create a family of outstanding schools with clear purpose, direction and objectives

  • To provide environments where teaching and learning is paramount and children enjoy and are engaged in a rich and relevant curriculum tailored to their individual needs

  • To narrow gaps in attainment with the intention of reducing inequalities

  • To ensure empowerment of all pupils to achieve their full potential

  • To create and foster a culture of high aspiration amongst all pupils, regardless of their social, economic or cultural background 

  • To strive for excellence in teaching and learning

  • To ensure strong engagement in learning that fosters a lifelong learning ethos

  • To promote excellent progress for all learners.

  • To promote outstanding leadership and governance.

  • To establish a financial foundation to enable the Trust to fulfil its vision

  • To provide continual professional development and promote a well-resourced, high quality environment

  • To become the employer of choice

  • For each academy to be recognised as a centre of learning excellence, disseminating best practice within and beyond the Trust

  • To engage proactively with parents and the community in partnership to support pupil progress, wellbeing and achievement 

Our Values


Our Academies
Friars crest.jpg
Friars Primary
School & Nursery
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Hamstel Infant School & Nursery
Hamstel Junior
Porters Grange Primary
School & Nursery
West Leigh 
Junior School


Members of Portico Academy Trust

Bob Hellen

Graham Lane

Steven Levy

Heather Oram

Trustees of Portico Academy Trust

Karen Packer - Chair of Trustee

Kate Baynes

Michelle Butler

Sandra Evans

Sue Hay

Graham Lane

Alan Murkin

Ros Sanders

Claire Smith

Toby Stubbington

Cheryl Woolf

Staff of Portico Academy Trust

Cheryl Woolf 

CEO & Executive Headteacher to West Leigh Junior School

 Richard Queenborough

Director of Learning & Teaching

Jo Jarvis

Director of Finance

Madelaine Salmon

Finance Manager

Rebecca Sanderson

Director of HR

Claire Colby

HR Assistant 

Carly Hay

Media & Communications Manager

Ryan Halls

Director of Estates

Jason Moles

Assistant Facilities Manager

Iain Nash

IT Manager

Gary Telling

Portico Inclusion Manager

Beverley Johnstone

Portico Inclusion Manager

Our Members
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